About the itinerary


May I join a tour once it has already started? For example: the tour is between Dec 10th and 20th, but I can only attend it from 12th to 18th.

Yes, you can join us anytime after the start day. Just bear in mind that the fee for the trip is the same as the whole tour. Partial tours are only possible if the group is still in Tokyo or Kyoto when you land to Japan.



May I extend the tour a few days after the tour ends? How much would it cost?

The availability of the extension will depend on the next scheduled tour, which might be immediately after. It is advisable to plan this extension in advance, so the tour guide will set his flight back home according to you. The fee will depend on the number of travelers, the itinerary and length of the extension.



Is it possible to contract a private tour on the rest days of the itinerary?

Yes. The fee is 350 euros/day for 1 traveler. Other travelers joining this private tour will pay only additional 100 euros. Please keep in mind that you will need to cover all the expenses of your guide, such as transport, meals or entry fees. Euros and Japanese yen are accepted on private tours.


Kindly allow your guide a few days to confirm his availability and to arrange the route according to your plans.



May I pay the tour with my credit card upon landing?

Unfortunately only cash in Euros is accepted.